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Long Live Science!

Physics? Boring? What about roller coasters or spaceships?Science can be fun and Vividbooks proves it in the most fascinating way. Print out a worksheet, point a smartphone or tablet at it and things start moving!

“Personally, I learn better visually, and my older son as well. I missed this educational component during my childhood, that's why I support Vividbooks!”

Kate, mother of two

“It makes physics a lot more fun and it is way easier to understand!”

Erica, 11 years old student

“Classic textbooks are too wordy and too still. This would immediately appeal to my students!”

Geoff, physics teacher
Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle

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Vividbooks now include over 130 physics lessons for children aged 10 to 15 years. And we're preparing more lessons and subjects! Get your kids an endless library full of science.

Access to whole content: 5 books (Basics, Forces, Liquid and Gasses, Optics, Energy) - lessons with animations, clear summary, questions and conclusion for parents
Unlimited access to all future books and subjects
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Try Vividbooks
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Download the Vividbooks app on your smartphone or tablet and open the Demo.
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Open the view mode and aim the camera at the image of the locomotive. The picture comes to life!
No smart device at hand? Vividbooks work on computers and interactive boards!
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Vividbooks work with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop
Parent summaries
Entertaining yet meaningful app
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Distance Learning Assistant
Constant improvements and updates
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Are You More Interested In Vividbooks for Schools?
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Are You More Interested In Vividbooks for Schools?
Learn more

We Love Science.
How About You?

Few people truly liked physics as a child. It was complicated and uninteresting. Or was that just the wrong perception? Vividbooks want to give kids a chance to see physics in a new, more entertaining light and stop the long-lasting decrease of interest inscience.

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