Physics textbooks that work with the latest technologies, such as interactive animations or augmented reality (AR), explaining science in an entertaining and a clear way!

What they say?

“Personally I learn better visually, and my older son as well. I missed this educational component during my childhood, that's why I support what you do.”

Kate, mother of two

“It makes physics a lot more fun and it is way easier to understand!”

Erica, 11 years old student

“Classic textbooks are too wordy and too still. This would immediately appeal to my students!”

Geoff, physics teacher
Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle
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Turn on the view mode and point on the drawing of the locomotive. Soon animation comes to life.

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The Vividbooks AR experience you'll enjoy on smartphones and tablets. Plus, we made the content available in a computer version as well! Just open it on a website and you are ready to explore.


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We love physics.
Do you?

Hardly anybody loved physics in their childhood. But was it really that complicated and boring, or did it just look like that? At Vividbooks, we want to give kids a chance to see physics differently, and stop the long-term declining interest in STEM.

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