Lesson: Why water is buoyant?

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Vividbooks offer over 130 physics lessons which have been prepared for you - interactive animations, lesson summaries, special questions, and teacher's guides. Basically, everything to make lessons fun for students and teachers.

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Our interactive textbooks offer Physics for primary/secondary school (depending on your region) with more than 130 lessons. And more lessons and subjects are on the way!

1 or 3 year school licence (based on your school size) for an unlimited number of devices
Content appropriate for distance learning
Teacher's guide with each lesson
Materials aligned with official primary school curriculums
Access to all future webinars and training

Vividbooks are available in English, French, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Slovak and other languages (Spanish) are coming soon!

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A More Entertaining Class with AR

Vividbooks are suitable for working with Augmented Reality (AR). Print worksheets, aim a smart device at them and images come to life right in front of you through your screen!

Prepared for Distance Learning

In the case of distance learning, simply send students a lesson link - no need for difficult preparation. All materials are always available at hand!

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We Love Science.
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Few people truly liked physics as a child. It was complicated and uninteresting. Or was that just the wrong perception? Vividbooks want to give kids a chance to see physics in a new, more entertaining light and stop the long-lasting decrease of interest inscience.

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