Vividbooks jsou digitální učební pomůcka a je možné je zakoupit z příspěvku od MŠMT v rámci Národního plánu obnovy.

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Unique lessons designed for active learning

Our lessons include illustrated animations and interactive questions that encourage kids to think, actively search for answers, and formulate their own opinions.

Textbook and workbooks

Exercise workbooks are used to test and frame their acquired knowledge. Our platform also includes a teaching text, which replaces traditional textbooks. Both can be printed or shared with your students online.

Augmented reality brings the lesson to life

Use the augmented reality feature with your students to make the lessons more interesting. In addition, we have interactive quizzes and homework to make revision even more fun.

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Suitable for 6th - 9th grade
More about physics


Suitable for 8th - 9th grade
More about chemistry

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