Vividbooks jsou digitální učební pomůcka a je možné je zakoupit z příspěvku od MŠMT v rámci Národního plánu obnovy.

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Why are we doing this?

Few people liked physics or chemistry when they were kids. But was it really that complicated, or did it just look that way? At Vividbooks, we want to show kids that science is fascinating and all around us. In doing so, we hope to help boost interest in science.

Putting the teacher and their pupils first

We want to help teachers to teach in an interactive, engaging way, and to have students discussing and thinking about the material. Even if it only gets one child in the classroom excited about science, that's a win for us. Because who knows what fundamental things they'll discover one day!

Vividbooks team

We are a group of passionate people, designers, and educators who share the same vision and passion for innovation in education. We've been successfully changing the way science is taught in primary schools for 2 years now, and because of this, we know that what we do makes sense.

Vitek Škop
Founder & CEO

We created Vividbooks with the needs of teachers and students in mind. Our tool has to be an excellent classroom tool for any teacher. This is the only way we can we fulfil the goal we set out to achieve at the beginning - to help students develop a more positive attitude towards science. We believe that a good relationship with physics, chemistry, and logical reasoning is the key to all of our futures.

Daniel Ondrášek
Co-Founder & COO

Working with technology and the internet doesn't have to be just about mindlessly browsing social media. That's why we decided to create a modern learning tool that meets the current needs of children, parents, teachers, and school management. I am so proud of us. Every month, dozens of new schools join us in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and together we are contributing to the digital revolution in education.

František Cáb
Author of physics textbooks

When we create Vividbooks textbooks, we focus mainly on the fact that students are not just passively receiving information, but are actively participating in the learning process, and are thinking about the nature of natural phenomena.

What we care about at Vividbooks

We are one team

We care about creating something that has an impact. We're all on the same page and it shows in our work.


Without a creative approach, Vividbooks would not have been born. We try to approach their creation in a way that doesn't leave us standing still.


We love to talk to teachers and principals. We are open to new ideas and we're not afraid of criticism. We value every piece of feedback you can give us.


At Vividbooks, we want to push boundaries, and forge new ways to help our customers.