How it works?

Yes, physics can be fun!

Active learning

„It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.“

Albert Einstein

Our lessons encourage students to think for themselves and come up with solutions for each topic at hand.

Understanding through animations

Complex topics are easily understandable with Vividbooks’ simply beautiful animations.

Buoyancy in the

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Why did the balloon stop at a height of 3 km?

Questions that
spark a debate

Questions in our lessons have been designed carefully to encourage critical thinking and a debate in the classroom.

Why did the balloon stop at a height of 3 km?

Engage & Remember

Vividbooks uses the latest tech that is native to today’s savvy students.

Learning becomes easy when you see your lessons, hear them, draw them and debate about them.

Every Vividbooks lesson comes with a methodical teachers manual.

„It's an amazing way of showing and guiding students through physical concepts“
Geoff the Teacher

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Start using Vividbooks in your school today! It runs on all school devices.

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